EVA-EMS Newsletter 08


September 20th, 2019



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Ticketing System

Never be queued up anymore,
be invited timely for registration instead.

Get an Electronic Ticket and receive
your individual Registration Time.
The EVA-EMS System notifies you via the Rotax Global App to proceed to the Registration Office.

The Ticketing System significantly improves the registration process on site. Once the participant has received his ticket, he can move freely and do more meaningful things than being queued up somewhere for an unpredictable period of time. The system is even more effective when using the Rotax Global App which will notify him automatically in advance.

Get started

Since the Ticketing System is completely integrated into the EVA-EMS System, you only need to specify three parameters in the General Setup:
1 - Rotax Global App required (yes/no)
2 - Time to notify the participant in advance
3 - Number of available Registration Desks

That's all - now you are ready to go!

Ticket Handout

When the participants arrive at the track, assign them a Ticket Number using the Ticket Handout function.
If the Rotax Global App is used, the Ticket Number will be sent as a Notification to their smartphone.
Note: The Ticketing System works also without the Rotax Global App.
In this case hand out a coupon accordingly.

The estimated Registration Time >
is permanently updated according to the throughput at the Registration Office.
< The Notification shows the Ticket Number and a Link-Button (TIME)
to observe the latest calculated (estimated) Registration Time.
< The respective participant will be notified automatically 15 minutes (default) prior to the estimated Registration Time.


The Monitor is a screen connected to a PC. To run the Monitor, you just have to enter the desired registration start. If needed, you may also change the notification time (the time where the participants will be invited in advance).
From now on you can leave the Monitor unattended!
The left side shows the status at the Registration Desks. The right side displays the remaining waiting list with the calculated Registration Times. A colored dot indicates if the participant has received and read the Notification.


The Registration Process on site using tickets is as usual. The only difference is that the operator can select a participant also from a Ticket Number Pulldown Menu where the currently invited canidates are listed.
The Ticketing System and the Rotax Global App are an ideal combination. The participants of the
Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals 2018 in Brasil will be the first customers to benefit from this enhanced service.

Detailed information can be found in the updated EMS-Tutorial.