SCC Updates

New versions available as of 02.05.2019 at

13.03.2019 (V2.2)

  • New PRE-ORDERING function added to SERVICE.
  • FORECASTING function enhanced for better usability and logics.
  • Automatic eMail notification to supplier when a forecast or pre-order
    operation has been executed.

21.02.2019 (V2.1)

    to APPS. These applications are for BRP-Rotax and it’s distributors only.
  • SEAT ALLOCATION function modified to allow automatic matching with
    online registrations in the EMS system. For BRP-Rotax and it’s distributors only.
  • SPF record added to DNS setup to avoid emails identified as SPAM.
  • Old links calling SCC via HTTP are redirected to the secure HTTPS-Site.
  • Revision date added to FORCAST results list when selecting single customer.
  • Minor picture bug fixed in Application ASSESSMENT Parameter 7.
  • Minor design bug fixed in EXPLORER.

08.03.2018 (V2.01)

  • New RACE PACKAGE function added to APPS.
    This application is for BRP-Rotax and it’s distributors only.
  • Introduction of secure HTTPS communication protocol using SSL.
  • Bug fixed in function TOOLS/DOWNLOADS when downloading
    photo folder causing a system hangup.

10.01.2018 (V2.00)

  • Enhanced performance (2-3 times faster) using latest version PHP 7.1
  • Enhanced database editor with advanced filtering possibilities
  • Bug fixed when using barcode scan apps with Android or Windows
    mobile devices.

28.04.2017 (V1.11)

  • New TRADE-IN function added to APPS.
    This application is for BRP-Rotax and it’s distributors only.
  • New (free) scan app for iOS, Android and Windows mobile adapted to
    TYRE- and SEAL-INFO function. This app meets industrial standards.

17.03.2017 (V1.10)

  • Possibility to sort tables ascending and descending.
  • New BACKORDER function added to SERVICE.
  • Backorder / Supplier Backorder (CSV and TXT) added to LISTINGS.
  • Minor bug fixes.

27.01.2017 (V1.09)

  • Customer-specific ASSESSMENT added to APPS.
    This application is for BRP-Rotax and it’s distributors only.

03.01.2017 (V1.08)

  • Inventory list (CSV- and TXT-File) added to LISTINGS.
  • DOWNLOAD function (ZIP-folder) added to TOOLS.

22.12.2016 (V1.07)

  • Tightened Password-Security when changing the password.
  • Items customs tariff number added to items database.

28.11.2016 (V1.06)

  • MESSENGER function added to TOOLS.
  • NEWS function (notification once at login time) added to ADMIN.
  • Supplier Pricelist (CSV and TXT) added to LISTINGS.

17.07.2016 (V1.05)

  • Order status indication (red/yellow/green) added to ORDERING.
  • Order processing sequence (sending, processing, deleting) modified.
  • Possibility to retrieve TYRE INFO also by Barcode or QR-Code of box.

06.06.2016 (V1.04)

  • Possibility to change VAT-Percentage added to INVOICE function.
  • TURNOVER function introduced to STATISTICS menu (prov.).
  • Stock indication added to ORDERING function.
  • Bug fix when copying an existing claim in WARRANTY CLAIM function.

09.04.2016 (V1.03)

  • Scan apps for iOS and Android devices adapted for SEAL-INFO.
  • SEAL-INFO function added to TECHNICS menu.
  • SEALS administration enhanced in ADMIN menu (full version).
  • Seal ownership evaluation added to SEALING function.
  • Bug fixes in search functions.

20.03.2016 (V1.02)

  • Scan apps for iOS and Android devices adapted for TYRE-INFO.
  • Bug fix in search routine of ADMIN-Customer function.
  • Minor modifications.

07.02.2016 (V1.01)

  • TOOLS added to MAIN menu including new functions:
    • LISTINGS to generate TXT- and CSV-Downloads.
    • QUICKINFO to optain item information (graphical support).
  • Payment status indication (red/yellow/green) added to INVOICING.
  • ENGINE administration added to ADMIN menu.
  • Stock value calculation added to WAREHOUSING.
  • Bug fixes when uploading JPEG-Files.
  • Bug fixes when sending multiple orders, invoices and claims at once.

22.01.2016 (V1.00)

  • INVOICING added to SERVICE menu.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • First “official” Version used in Germany.

06.10.2015 (V0.04 Beta)

  • CUSTOMER Management added to ADMIN menu.
  • Minor bug fixes.

23.09.2015 (V0.03 Beta)

  • SEALS administration added to ADMIN menu (provisory version).
  • Seal history lookup added to SEALING function.

16.09.2015 (V0.02 Beta)

  • Automatic order function added to ORDER menu.
  • Minor bug fixes.

07.09.2015 (V0.02 Beta)

  • STOCK Management (WAREHOUSING) added to SERVICE menu.
  • Search-Function added to several ADMIN, SETUP and SERVICE menus.

10.07.2015 (V0.01 Beta)

  • Beta-Version test started in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.
  • More information follows …