Not really
new, but unique in its versatility and ease of use
is the EVA-SCC system. Originally developed for the German market already in 1995, this web-based application has been exclusively licensed and further enhanced by BRP-Rotax in 2015. It accomplishes all usual business operations of small- and medium-sized companies. The number of users is unlimited. Each user can set up his own sales network and create as many subusers as he deems fit.

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The philosophy behind is as simple as this: Provide all necessary and omit all needless. Graphics support, automated procedures, synergistic effects and user independent backups reduce the users workload to a minimum, leaving more time to do more profitable work. The system can be operated from everywhere in the world and does not need special hard- or software.

Main advantages

  • No software installation, updates or backups required
  • Runs on all devices, operating systems and common browsers
  • Unlimited number of users

Main features

  • Forecasting
  • Ordering
  • Invoicing
  • Warehousing
  • Product registration
  • Product sealing
  • Warranty claims
  • Electronic spare part catalog
  • Tyre tracking
  • Seal tracking
  • Information exchange
  • Assessment
  • Statistics