EMS Updates

New versions available as of 02.05.2019 at https://www.rotax-ems.com

27.03.2019 (V5.1)

  • Form-setups and -uploads centralized in FORM SETUP function.
  • Possibility added to create a form for scrutineering applications.
  • Button added to SCRUTINEERING to call/print a pre-filled document.
  • Preview capability added to all functions calling pre-filled documents.
  • Subscription limits are now dependent from payment control status.
  • Bug fixed when opening pre-filled documents on smartphones/tablets.

15.03.2019 (V5.0)

  • Possibility added to CLASSES SETUP to specify the amount of tyres
    which can be used during a certain period (e.g. season, championship).
  • Possibility added to CLASSES SETUP to specify the total vehicle
    weight which will be used later on to calculate the maximum lead weight.
  • Possibility added to INSPECTION to enable the detection of stolen
    or illegal equipment.

14.02.2019 (V4.9)

  • Possibility added to ENTRYFORM SETUP to allow multiple entrycodes.
  • Possibility added to ENTRYFORM SETUP to allow an automatic match
    with external definitions made in EVA/SCC (for Rotax distributors only).
  • SPF record added to DNS setup to avoid emails identified as SPAM.
  • Nations list (incl. number of drivers) added to LISTINGS function.
  • Possibility added to RESET function to reset Racecom separately.

20.12.2018 (V4.8)

  • Forced logout of standard App users added to RESET function.
  • Possibility added to GENERAL SETUP to enter Standings-URL.
  • TYRE-ASSEMBLER function added to Admin APPS to create
    tyrestacks (up to 16 tyres), which can be assigned to drivers.
  • Possibility added to TYRE HANDOUT to enter/scan tyrestacks.

12.10.2018 (V4.7)

  • TICKETING function added to support on site registration.
    Works also with external App to summon drivers and entrants.
  • Possibility added to MESSENGER to resend the QR-Code.
  • Bug fixed when uploading an individual tyre database.

29.08.2018 (V4.6)

  • Signature pad capability enabled for external App to sign documents.
  • Signature pad capability added to RACECOM User Setup.
  • ITALIAN language module added (6 languages are available).
  • Minor improvements to TIMETABLE function.
  • Modified ID-CHANGER application.
  • Bug fixed when calling an entrylist from external APP.

16.05.2018 (V4.5)

  • Possibility added to GENERAL SETUP to enter Redirect-URL’s
    for Live-Timing, Live-Streaming, Regulations and Results.
  • Possibility added to EVENT SETUP to enter track information like
    address, contacts, geodata, layout, etc. (database supported).
  • MESSENGER is now also able to send messages to external APP.
  • New functions added to the RACECOM communication protocol
    to enable the external APP to query for track information, etc.
  • On/Off-Switch added to TIMETABLE SETUP to enable timetable
    activation and deactivation each day separately.
  • Smaller enhancements to reduce user mistake propabilities.
  • Bug fixed when listing participants not logged-in to external APP.

10.04.2018 (V4.4)

  • Possibility added to RACECOM function to generate and publish
    listings (at the moment just the drivers list) from the database.
  • TIMETABLE function added to MEDIA/PRESS menu.
  • On/Off-Switch for timetable added to GENERAL SETUP.
  • Old links calling EMS are now redirected to the secure HTTPS-Site.
  • Bug fixed when participant tries to modify his personal data.
  • Bug fixed (format) when calling entrylist or timetable using Samsung.

20.03.2018 (V4.3)

  • New TIMETABLE function added to SETUP menu to enable an
    automated creation of time schedules callable by websites and apps.
  • Import function added to RACECOM race setup to allow a takeover
    of the races directly from the timetable.
  • Bug fixed when using smartphone app for INSPECTION function.

07.03.2018 (V4.2)

  • Simplified menu for mobile/outdoor use added to RACECOM.
  • Enhanced scan app by CODEX adapted to INSPECTION function.
  • Additional formfiller keywords added RACECOM form setup.
  • En bloc signature of stewards board applied to PDF docs and forms.
  • Various possibilities added to filter messages in RACECOM monitor.
  • Possibility added to resize the RACECOM monitor.
  • Possibility added to start/stop automatic refresh of RACECOM monitor.

25.02.2018 (V4.1)

  • Electronic Payment capability added to online SUBSCRIPTION to
    enable immediate payment of event fees by creditcard, PayPal, …
  • New function added to APPS to upload an individual tyre database
    to be used for legal checks during tyre handout and inspection.
  • CSV export format modified to enable direct opening in newer
    Excel versions without the need to manually separate the columns.
  • New form (Initial Technical Check Report) added to RACECOM.
  • Bug fixed when converting and resizing uploaded images (gif/png/jpg)
    and multipage documents (pdf).
  • Bugs fixed and minor enhancements in RACECOM function.

26.12.2017 (V4.02)

  • Enhanced performance (2-6 times faster) using latest version PHP 7.1
  • Enhanced database editor with advanced filtering possibilities.
  • Possibility added to GENERAL SETUP to set the timezone (local time).
  • Possibility added to GENERAL SETUP to define the drivers ID-Code
    to have up to 2 letters followed by a 4, 5 or 6 digits numeric value.
  • Uploaded driver pictures are now one size (no thumbnails any more).

13.10.2017 (V4.01)

  • New function RACECOM to manage the entire communication
    and document flow between organization, officials and participants,
    including a complete event summary booklet for ASN purposes.
  • Communication to participants via iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Introduction of secure HTTPS communication protocol using SSL.
  • New DOWNLOAD function to download zipped files like pictures,
    profiles, barcodes, licenses, accreditations and logfiles.

21.07.2017 (V4.00 Beta)

  • A major enhancement has been implemented and released for Beta-
    Testing purposes. The new function RACECOM manages the complete
    communication and document flow between officials.

05.05.2017 (V3.26)

  • The participants database now contains the date when a driver did his
    first subscription and additionally the date when he did the last change.

28.04.2017 (V3.25)

  • New (free) scan app for iOS, Android and Windows mobile adapted to
    INSPECTION function. The scan engine is close to industrial standards.
  • Possibility added to INSPECTION to display result details
    (for example to know the reason why a driver has been red signaled).

20.04.2017 (V3.24)

  • When a driver re-registers or cancels one or more events, the participants
    database (and the entrylist) is automatically updated.
  • Screen size selection added to first LOGIN procedure to optimize the
    use of the available screen space
  • It is now possible to allow one or more set of tyres in GENERAL SETUP.

01.02.2017 (V3.23)

  • Possibility added to GENERAL SETUP to allow only a particular set of
    tyres (1 to 4) to be used.
  • Possibility added to ENTRYFORM SETUP to switch confirmation email
    to participant ON/OFF.

07.12.2016 (V3.22)

  • PDF-Upload and -View function added to race office REGISTRATION.
  • MESSENGER can now send messages to participants of the previous year.

23.07.2016 (V3.21)

  • LOGBOOK-Listing added to LISTINGS function.
  • STAFF menu introduced containing ACCESS CONTROL.
  • VOTING function added to STAFF menu.

03.06.2016 (V3.20)

  • Enhanced PDF-Formfiller implemented to make Adobe Plugin
    (PDF/FDF-Merger) unnecessary. Works now on all operating systems.
  • Alternative entry of name/birthday instead of EDIT-Code added to
    REGISTRATION function to allow participants to modify their data.
  • “Webpage mode” button for mobile devices added to MAIN menu.
  • Blindcopy capability for MESSENGER function added to GENERAL SETUP.
  • Minor bugfixes caused by latest PHP update.

25.03.2016 (V3.10)

  • Scan app for iOS and Android devices adapted to INSPECTION function.
  • Function to define own disclaimer added to SETUP menu.
  • Multiple email address possibility added to ENTRYFORM SETUP.

16.12.2015 (V3.09)

  • Bug fixed when opening a new window after REDIRECT.
  • Bug fixed when entering new classes in the CLASSES SETUP.

23.09.2015 (V3.09)

  • Alphanumeric Tyre Barcode introduced according to CIK
    tyre homologation 2017 and tender process regulations.
  • Missing drivers at Race Office added to Status report.

10.06.2015 (V3.08)

  • Drivers/Class counter added to ENTRYLIST when selecting events.
  • Registration timestamp (date/time) added to participant database.

06.05.2015 (V3.07)

  • SUPPLIES and CHECKOUT function added to smartphone applications.
  • CROSS CHECK function completely removed.
  • Minor bugs fixed in LOGIN and BRIEFING functions.

29.04.2015 (V3.06)

  • Gray import check added to TYRE HANDOUT function.
  • Tyre lookup search extended to 5 years in the past.

04.03.2015 (V3.05)

  • Parallel availablity of Update-/Enable-function in race office REGISTRATION.
  • Possibility to upload driver images added to race office REGISTRATION.
  • Participants-List added to MEDIA/PRESS menu.

20.02.2015 (V3.04)

  • Import function for participants database added to APPS menu.
  • Pre-filled PDF-Form(s) attached to organizer confirmation.
  • Information about selected events added to organizer confirmation.
  • Number of definable EVENTS extended from 10 to 20.
  • Fields PROVINCE and COUNTRY added to entryform-setup.
  • Additional free definable fields added to entryform-setup.
  • New editor implemented for CLASS SETUP to avoid wrong entries.
  • Function COUNTRY SETUP simplified to allow faster selection.
  • Country flags completed and minor simplifications implemented.

02.02.2015 (V3.03)

  • Checkbox added to GENERAL SETUP to allow multiple tyre barcode formats.
  • Checkbox added to GENERAL SETUP to allow skipping of scrutineering.
  • Checkbox added to GENERAL SETUP to allow skipping of briefing.

06.01.2015 (V3.02)

  • BACKUP function (save and restore) added to ADMIN menu.
  • Online registration enhanced to check for max. number of participants.

23.12.2014 (V3.01)

  • Language selection added to online registration and user login.
  • SESSION CHANGE function added to MAIN menu (for Admin only).
  • PARTICIPANT reset added to RESET menu.
  • PAYMENT function enhanced in race office REGISTRATION.

04.10.2014 (V3.00)

  • Character-set converter added to online registration.
  • ACCESS-CONTROL function added to MAIN menu to check entries/exits.

26.09.2014 (V2.09)

  • IMPORT function added to Vehicle/Engine Assembler.
  • Email Address added to race officce REGISTRATION mask.

22.08.2014 (V2.08)

  • EVENT function added to SETUP menu.
  • PDF to JPG convertion added to image upload function.

21.07.2014 (V2.07)

  • Startnumber- and gender-field added to entryform-setup.
  • Carburetor- and Exhaust-sealing added.

01.06.2014 (V2.06)

  • Free definable fields added to entryform-setup.
  • Class selection added to messenger function (participants).

29.05.2014 (V2.05)

  • Form upload added to entryform-setup.
  • RAFFLE function added to allow vehicle- and engine-lottery.

18.04.2014 (V2.04)

  • Free definable farewell-message added to entryform-setup.
  • Free definable redirect-button added to general-setup.

07.03.2014 (V2.03)

  • Number of controllable tyres increased from 8 to 16.
  • CROSS-CHECK function disabled (needs to be revised).

23.08.2013 (V2.02)

  • ACCREDITATION function added to allow journalist registration.
  • Media/Press selection added to messenger function.

17.04.2013 (V2.01)

  • Engine-SN lookup added to general setup to allow search via sealnumber.
  • Automatic display reformatting for mobile devices added.
  • Minor enhancements to scrutineering and tyre-handout function.

04.03.2013 (V2.00)

  • Complete system portation to PHP 5.4.
  • New enhanced database table editor introduced.
  • TYRE ARCHIVE function added to enable tyre control throughout a season.

23.12.2012 (V1.14)

  • Event-notes added to entryform-setup.
  • Block-subscription and subscription deadline added to entryform-setup.

19.11.2012 (V1.13)

  • PRESET function added to admin area to enable all participants at once.
  • Printout possibility for curriculum vitae of all drivers added.

08.11.2012 (V1.12)

  • PADDOCK account added to user administration.
  • Membercard-ID lookup added to entryform-setup to allow permanent ID-numbers.

20.09.2012 (V1.11)

  • Note fields and functional enhancements added to office area.
  • Note fields and functional enhancements added to scrutineering area.
  • Enhancements added to tyre-handout and entryform-setup. Minor bugfixes.

23.07.2012 (V1.10)

  • PUBLIC account added to user administration.
  • MEDIA/PRESS and COMMENTATOR function added to public area.
  • CURRICULUM VITAE function (driver profile) added to online registration.

06.07.2012 (V1.09)

  • Color selection and logo upload added to setup area.
  • Gray import detection for MOJO tyres added.

04.05.2012 (V1.08)

  • Portuguese added language module (german, english, french, spanish).
  • RESET function added to admin area.
  • Online registration enhanced to detect double registrations.

04.04.2012 (V1.06)

  • Multiple startingnumber elaboration enhanced via selectbox.
  • Pre-defined listings added to LISTING function.
  • Barcode setup enhanced to allow different code formats for the same item.

07.03.2012 (V1.05)

  • Multiple startingnumber elaboration added.
  • NEW SUBSCRIBE function added to office area (registration on site).
  • Payment administration added to office area (cash payment on site).
  • Barcode and entryform print added to office area.

21.02.2012 (V1.04)

  • Payment status visualization added to participants list.
  • RE-REGISTER/CANCEL function added to online registration.

09.02.2012 (V1.03)

  • LISTING function with CSV and TXT download possibility added to MAIN menu.
  • FORM function added to admin-area to allow PDF-form generation.

29.01.2012 (V1.02)

  • EDIT function added to online registration to allow modification by participants.
  • MESSENGER function added to admin area to enable quick info to participants.

12.01.2012 (V1.01)

  • Prefix definition for preliminary identification code added to entryform setup.
  • Adjustments to membercard behaviour and minor bugfixes.

31.12.2011 (V1.00)

  • Transpondernumber, Engine- and Chassisbrand added to entryform.
  • Classes and events selection added to participants list.