Which minimum hardware requirements must be fullfilled by my PC/Laptop ?
The only requirement is a USB-Interface (to connect a scanner) and a suitable Internet-Adapter such as Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), Wireless LAN (IEEE-802.11) or Mobile LAN (GSM). Since EVA-EMS works in a cloud-computing environment (processing is performed on the webserver) even PC’s/Laptops with very limited speed and memory can be used.

Which operating system and software must be installed on my PC/Laptop ?
Any operating system is suitable as long as you can run an Internet-browser (Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome, Opera, etc.) on your PC/Laptop. If you want to connect a Bluetooth-Scanner, you may need to install a suitable driver. Since EVA-EMS is a Client/Server-System there is no need to install any particular software. You don’t even need to care about updates!

What kind of additional hardware do I need to run EVA-EMS ?
Despite from the Datalogic-Memor (which is a Pocket-PC with scanner, small screen and Wifi onboard), you will need a Barcode-Scanner to be connected to your PC/Laptop. There is no other hardware necessary.

Is it possible to use my own Barcode-Scanner ?
In principal yes, but there is a big variety of models on the market with different performances. We strongly recommend the types of high level Barcode-Scanners we are using ourselves to guarantee that all labels are readable. Especially the barcode of a tyre is critical to read since the vulcanization process will always skew the barcode label.

What is the difference between using EVA-EMS on a PC/Laptop with a Barcode-Scanner compared to the Zebra Symbol Mini-Computer ?
The Zebra Symbol is not a full functional stand alone device. It is mainly designed to assign and check equipment in areas with limited access. Only a PC/Laptop offers all functions to administrate an entire event.

Do I have to tell EVA-EMS which kind of device I am going to use ?
No, EVA-EMS automatically detects the device type and adjusts the user interface according to the capabilities of your device. Smartphones (iPhone) and Tablett-PC’s (iPad) may also be used with reduced functionality. Furthermore EVA-EMS will also recognize the calling country and talk to you in your most native language.

What happens, if I do not have internet access ?
EVA-EMS is designed to work online via the world wide web. We can offer an offline version using a local webserver, but we apologize that in this case you have to hire our own staff for your event.

Which barcode types can be read with EVA-EMS ?
This depends on the type of your Barcode-Scanner only. The most common labels are of type 39 or 128, which can be read easily by all common Barcode-Scanners.

What is the difference between a Barcode and a QR-Code ?
A Barcode systematically represent data by varying the widths and spacings of parallel lines. The information stored is a single line of alphanumeric information. A QR-Code is a square with black and white pixels. It can store much more information such as names, types, dimensions and serialnumbers.

Do I have to preselect the type of equipment each time I want to scan a barcode ?
No, there is no need to preselect anything as long as you do not use the same definition or number range for different items. EVA-EMS will automatically recognize and distinguish between tyres, chassis- and engine-seals, membercards, etc. no matter in which order they are scanned.

Do I have to create a participants database for each event before using EVA-EMS ?
No, the participants database is automatically created through an online entry form. The final starting grid will be automatically generated during the registration process.

Will I be able to retrieve the collected data of my event for further use ?
Yes, all data are available for download in CSV-Format during or after the event. It is even possible to integrate EVA-EMS pages in your own homepage, for example to show the current participants list or similar applications.

Does EVA-EMS detect tyres that have not been imported legally to my territory ?
Yes, but for the moment EVA-EMS has only direct access to the manufacturers database of HEIDENAU. Alternatively you can upload your own tyre database.

Is there a tutorial video available to support me in operating EVA-EMS ?
Yes, but only for some specific functions, since EVA-EMS is extremely easy to use and self-explanatory. But of course there is a user tutorial, which will guide you through the different functions.

Can I perform electronic payments via EVA-EMS ?
Yes, but you need an account at INGENICO ePayments e-Commerce. The tutorial provides information on how to create an account.

Do you have a trial version of EVA-EMS ?
No, but you can ask for a temporary account to play around.